Dinosaur Preschool Unit

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Stomp! Stomp! Dinosaur!!  Another Garrett favorite. But really they all loved this Dinosaur unit so much that we extended it. This Dinosaur Preschool Unit contains TWO weeks worth of lessons and activities that you can use with your preschoolers. 

These Dinosaur Activities are perfect for your older toddlers and preschoolers.  We did these activities during our homeschool time but they can be adapted for the preschool – PreK classroom.

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Week at a Galance

Dinosaur Preschool Unit
Dinosaur Preschool Unit

dinosaurs preschool unit

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Book we Read

dinosaur preschool unit

dinosaur preschool unit


Listening Skills – Print Awareness- Front and Back Cover – Characters/Setting

dinosaur preschool unit

Morning Meeting

Greeting: Students greet the person sitting next to them and they give them a fist bump. 

Share: Something you have enjoyed doing recently.

Social-Emotional: Friendship skills (taking turns, sharing, listening) We use Mind & Heart by Proud to be Primary

Letter: Dd

Music: Story Bots-Dinosaurs

Small Group Activities

Dino Egg Sort– Have your kiddos use the sorting mats (eggs) to sort the dinosaurs by color. When done have them count how many of each color.

Find the Egg– Lay the dinosaur cards face up on the table or put them in a pocket chart. Have your kiddos close their eyes while you hid a egg under a card.  The kiddos will then say the letter on a card and flip it over. If they find the egg they are the winner!! **you can pick target letters to use instead of all of the cards.

dinosaur preschool activities

Roll & Write– Kiddos roll the die and write the number they rolled in the first square, using a dry erase marker or dry erase crayon. They continue rolling and writing until all of the squares are filled up. When they are done, they can count each number and determine which have the most/least/same amount.

Arts & Crafts

dinosaur preschool activities

Cut and Paste Dinosaur- Kiddos use the dino body parts to build a dinosaur

dinosaur preschool activities

Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs

To Make the Eggs: Add 3 heaping tablespoons of baking soda and 1 heaping teaspoon of cornstarch to a Ziploc bag. Add one tablespoon of water and a couple of drops of food coloring to the bag. Close the bag. On a covered surface, gently knead the bag to mix the ingredients. Once the ingredients have created a paste-like liquid and all the food coloring is mixed in well, stop kneading. Repeat the steps above for a variety of colors. Using gloves ( it’s very important you use gloves to avoid staining your hands), remove the mixture from the bags onto a cookie sheet. Pat together one half of an egg shape, add a mini plastic dinosaur and pat more of the baking soda mixture on top of the dinosaur. Gently shape the baking soda mixture into an egg shape. Add the shaped eggs into a small container and put in your freezer. Freeze for about 2-3 hours, until hard.

To Play: Place the eggs into a plastic activity tray. Give your children a bowl with vinegar in it and plastic medicine droppers. Let them squeeze vinegar onto the dinosaur eggs and watch the chemical reaction! The eggs will fizz and bubble and reveal the mini plastic dinosaurs inside.

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Center Ideas

dinosaur preschool activities
dinosaur preschool activities
dinosaur preschool activities

Keeping some materials at each center and then adding a few extra things based on the theme keeps our centers fresh and interesting for kiddos. You can get a list of what stays at each of our centers by joining our Schoolhouse Resource Library, here

Sensory Bin– Kentic sand, plastic dinosaurs fossils, paint brushes to dig the fossils out

Mathcount the scales number puzzles (included).

Dramatic Play- Dinosaur Dig- warning signs, shovels, paint brushes, maps, hard hats, binoculars, fossils, books about fossils, word walls for paleontologist.

Playdough– Dinosaur playdough mats (included). Kiddos roll playdough into logs and use the logs to build different dinosaurs. 

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