In the Kitchen

I never considered myself a cook but I wanted to be one!! I would watch Ree Drummond religiously every day after school and try her recipes. Sometimes I got it but other times they were just a flop.  Meme didn’t mind cooking and would come up with some of the best recipes by just throwing things together. And she never knew how to cook for just four, it was either the entire army or none! When Meme got sick she didn’t always have the energy to cook dinner so I started cooking more.  I bought myself an Insta pot which was game-changing and got on Pinterest. I researched and tried as many quick and easy recipes as I could find. After some trial and error, I learned that I loved cooking and loved baking even more. Here you will find a mix of favorite dinners and sweet treats. With some breakfast casseroles mixed in because they were Meme’s favorite.




Behind the Homesteading Adventures

Hi, I’m Deeanne

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