Must Haves for Homeschooling

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Setting up your homeschool classroom/area does not have to be overwhelming or stress full.  Here are 10 materials for homeschooling that have made our classroom and lessons easier and fun!

Apple TV

I am a huge fan of digital lessons.  They keep me on track and moving through the lesson.  In my digital lessons I put everything I need to teach the lesson; outcomes, materials, links, activities, etc. Having everything in one place makes the lesson move smoothly. 

You can check out my digital lesson in my Teacher Pay Teachers Store: Waking Up in Kindergarten.

Ticonderoga pencils

I LOVE these pencils.  They sharpen really well and erase really well.

Twistable crayons

At first I didn’t think I was going to like these but then Hunter broke an entire box of crayons and I was pissed.  These are harder to break and last a little bit longer.

Magnetic letters

Magnetic letters are great for matching letters and making words. Garrett and Hunter are working on identifying letters so when they work with me one-on-one they match magnetic letters to a workmat.  You can get a FREE copy of my magnetic letter workmat by joining our Farmhouse Newsletter here. 

Henleigh is working on her sounds and building words. She uses the letters to build different words that we are practicing.  Her workmat is a little different, you can get your FREE copy of it HERE.

Check out this video on how we use the magnetic letters and workmats during homeschool.

Explode the Code

Explode the Code is a series of workbooks that teach phonics and phonemic awareness.  The first three books work on letter ID and sounds, books 1 – 6 work on using sounds to build words and read them. 

To make the workbooks reusable I tear them apart and put each page in a sheet protector so that the kids can use dry erase markers to complete the page and then wipe it off with a magic eraser.

3M laminator

Toddlers and preschoolers are rough on supplies and I hate to see a resource destroyed after one use. So I laminate our centers so that they can be reused and look “nice” longer.

Check out centers on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store: Waking Up in Kindergarten.

Sheet Protectors

I really don’t like having stacks of paper lying around that will eventually end up in the recycle bin. So if at all possible I will print 1 copy of a worksheet and put it in a sheet protector. The kiddos can then use dry erase markers to complete the worksheet.  If I need it as an artifact for a portfolio I will take a quick pic on my phone. 

Our Explode the Code books are in sheet protectors in a binder so that they can be used over and over again.

You can also buy dry erase sleeves, from amazon.

materials for homeschooling

Dry Erase Markers & Magic Erasers

Dry Erase markers are a great way for students to practice different skills and not have to use reams and reams of paper.  And to erase, I love using magic erasers.  I cut them into halves or thirds to make them last a little bit longer.  Magic Erasers are also great for getting stains off of tables.

Mini Erasers

Oh how I love Mini erasers. They are great for building letters, counting, sorting, making patterns, and so many more things!! And did I mention that they are cheap!!  I buy them in the dollar section of Target all the time.  And to store them I use a Plastic Parts Storage System.

materials for homeschooling

Ikea Trofast Storage System

I love having everything organized and easy to access and the Trofast Storage System from Ikea is practical and EASY!!  And with a little practice you can teach your kiddos how to keep everything organized.  We use the tall system to organize our centers and to keep our book boxes organized.  We use the stair system to house all of our toys.


I have to add books to this list!!  I love books and have hundreds of them.  They are a great way to kick off a lesson, go on an adventure without leaving the house, or just learning something new that might be out of reach.  I keep all of my books organized by theme/season to make them easy to find.

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Having materials for homeschooling organized doesn’t have to be a chore. Be practical in what you need. These 10 materials for homeschooling help us stay organized and keep on schedule so that we can work around the homestead and adventure more.

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