“I tried to teach a child with books; He gave me only puzzled looks; I tried to teach a child with words; They passed him by, often unheard. Despairingly I turned aside; ‘How shall I teach this child!’ I cried, into my hand he put the key; ‘Come’, he said, ‘Play with Me’.”

When I think of teaching/homeschooling and what it means to me this poem is the first thing that comes to mind. This poem reminds me that every chid is different and requires a different approach to learning.  This is so true when it comes to homeschooling my KIDDOS!

That is why I create hands on lessons that keep my kiddos engaged and wanting to learn. Often they (my kids) consider it playing but they are actually learning.  There is nothing better than creating life long learners. 








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Deeanne the Teacher-

I graduated high school knowing that I wanted to be a teacher. Through out high school and during the summers I worked as a preschool teacher at the local daycare center. 

I attended the College of Notre of Maryland on the 4 year Masters Degree track. I completed my undergrad in liberal arts in three years and my masters degree in education in my fourth year. 

After graduating I started teaching in the county that I attended growing up.  I continued to teach Kindergarten in the same school for 8 years. During this time I quickly took on several leadership roles including Kindergarten team leader, Primary (k-2) team leader, and led many different extra curricular activities. 

During this time I also became a National Board Certified Teacher. And started creating teacher resources to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. I loved creating games and interactive centers for my Kindergarteners. 

But after have kiddos and losing our daycare provider mid year I felt the pull to leave the classroom and stay at home with my babies. Which is where I have found so much joy. 

Now that my kiddos are entering “school” I find myself creating educational games and resources for them. And I just have to share, you can check them out at Waking Up in Kindergarten

Notre Dame of Maryland
MSDE Educator

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