Valentine’s Day Preschool Activities

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I would have to say one of my favorite holidays to teach or celebrate in the classroom is always Valentine’s Day and that’s probably because my birthday is so close to Valentine’s Day so it’s just another excuse to go all out and do something fun. These Valentines Day Activities for Kids are perfect for your older toddlers and preschoolers. 

We did these activities during our homeschool time but they can be adapted for the preschool- PreK classroom.

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Week at a Galance


Valentines Day Preschool Activities

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Book we Read





Listening Skills – Print Awareness- Front and Back Cover – Characters/Setting





Morning Meeting

Greeting: Students greet the person sitting next to them and they give them a fist bump. 

Share: Something you have enjoyed doing recently.

Social-Emotional: Friendship skills (taking turns, sharing, listening) We use Mind & Heart by Proud to be Primary

Letter: Vv

Music: 5 Little Hearts

Small Group Activities

Valentine Monster Chomp– Kiddos identify the letter on the card.  If they get a “monster” card they put all of their cards back. Keep playing until you have gone through all the cards.

Groundhog Chomp Game

Heart Roll & Color– Kiddos roll the dice, using tongs they count out that many candy hearts and add them to their cookie-cutter heart.


Arts & Crafts

valentines-day-activities-for kids

Heart Wreath– Cut out a bunch of different sized hearts on purple, red, pink, and white paper.  Cut out the center of a paper plate. Have kiddos glue the hearts around the paper plate to make a wreath. 


Heart Suncatcher – Staple the heart pattern to a piece of clear contact paper.  Peel off the paper, leaving the sticky side up.  Have kiddos add tissue paper to the sticky side until they cover the heart.  Cover the tissue paper with another piece of contact paper. Using the heart pattern cut the contact paper into a heart.  Tape to a window to see the pretty colors. 

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Center Ideas


Keeping some materials at each center and then adding a few extra things based on the theme keeps our centers fresh and interesting for kiddos. You can get a list of what stays at each of our centers by joining our Schoolhouse Resource Library, here

Dramatic Play– I added fake flowers, vases, empty candy boxes, and heart trinkets to the dramatic play center so the kids could pretend like they were working a flower shop. Valentine’s Day Flower Shop (developmental center)

WritingValentine’s Day letter tracing.  Laminate the letter cards and then have kiddos use dry erase markers to trace the letters.  Magic Erasers make great erasers to erase the cards when kiddos are done.

I also put blank cards, heart stickers, stamps, and foam stickers in a basket so the kids could write Valentine’s to family and friends. 

Sensory Bin- In the bin we put cap from pouches, felt hearts, ladles, spoons, and measuring cup. I also add our Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin Workmats. The kids searched in the bin for the cards and matched them to the workmat.

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