Using Homemade Cleaners

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Where & How to Start Using Homemade Cleaners

I know that when I first looked into homemade natural cleaners there was so much information on Google that I didn’t know where to start or what to do first.  I would ask friends and even that was overwhelming. I had analysis paralysis; there was so much information that I just couldn’t move forward. 

I finally decided I needed to do something. So I picked one item, ordered the supplies I would need, made it, and started using it. From there I added a new product every time we ran out of one.

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My First Homemade Natural Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner

2 Tbsp Liquid Castile Soap

10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

16oz glass spray bottle


To make– Add soap and essential oil to the spray bottle. Fill with water then shake well.  

This DIY Natural Household Cleaner is great for spraying down counters, stove tops, kitchen cabinets, dining tables and chairs, bathroom counters, and even toilets. It’s my go-to household cleaner. Use it with a reusable kitchen cloth to save on paper towels.

My Second Homemade Cleaner

Toilet Fizzy’s

2 cups of baking soda

½ cup of citric acid

2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide

15 drops of essential oil (I love peppermint)

Silicone mold

To Make-In a large bowl, mix baking soda and citric acid ingredients together well. Very slowly (a few drops at a time) add hydrogen peroxide to baking soda/citric acid mixture. Mix well as you continue to add hydrogen peroxide. You may notice some fizzing – just keep stirring. (Note: Don’t dump the hydrogen peroxide all at once as it will activate the baking soda and citric acid. It’s important to stir it in very slowly.) Slowly add essential oils to mixture and keep mixing well as you add the essential oils. Test mixture. You should be able to clump it together to mold. It shouldn’t be too wet or too dry. If it’s too dry, add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide. Fill a silicone mold with mixture. Allow molds to air dry – about 6-8 hours. Then transfer to a glass jar and store in the bathroom.

These Homemade Toilet Bomb Fizzy’s are really easy to use. Simply take 1-2 toilet bombs and drop it directly into the toilet. The toilet bombs will fizz as the baking soda and citric acid react together in the water. Use a toilet brush to gently scrub all surfaces inside the toilet.

My Third Homemade Cleaner

Wood Cleaner

⅓ cup olive oil

½ cup water, distilled

10 drops orange essential oil

10 drops lemon essential oil

To make– Add water and oil to a glass spray bottle. Shake to combine and add essential oils. Shake thoroughly before using, as this is oil and water and will naturally separate.

To use– Spray a little bit of this cleaner on a microfiber cloth and start cleaning.

After my third product I felt like I had a good understanding of Natural Cleaners.  From there I started a list of recipes in my planner so that when we started to run out of something I could make sure we had the ingredients on hand so I could make it.

bathroom cleaners

All of this being said I have had some epic fails and mishaps.  The biggest one being when I made laundry detergent for the first time. The recipe that I found and wanted to try required heating the solution on the stove so I got out our stock pot and started mixing.  The solution then needed to sit overnight. Well the next morning when I went to pour it into the final container I noticed that the solution had eaten away the non-stick surface on the pot. YIKES!!  Jamie was pissed. I had ruined our favorite stock pot!!

There are so many benefits of using Natural Cleaners in your home. 

  1. Natural cleaning products provide a healthier home- With all-natural cleaners, you won’t have to worry about exposure to toxins. That means you, your family and your pets will no longer have to breathe in harsh chemicals lingering in the air or potentially come into contact with toxins that may remain on surfaces throughout your home.
  2. Natural cleaning products yield better air quality- Natural cleaners eliminate that strong chemical smell and replace it with the pleasant fragrances of essential oils. Not only does this mean no harmful VOCs are released into the air, but also it provides an added benefit of filling your home with beneficial and satisfying aromatherapy.
  3. Natural cleaning products are safer- Conventional cleaners pose multiple risks, such as chemical burns or illness if ingested. The presence of natural cleaning products in your home are safe, even around children. Because they are natural, there are no dangers if inhaled or if they come into contact with skin.
  4. Natural cleaning products give you more knowledge of ingredients- Government regulations don’t require ingredients to be listed on any cleaning products. And what is available on those labels is incomplete information. There is only one way to know exactly what is in your cleaners and that is to use natural cleaning products!
  5. Natural cleaning products result in a purer environment- Using natural cleaners also contributes to a healthier environment. They help reduce pollution to waterways and air. Conventional cleaners can easily seep into a water supply, and water treatment plants have difficulty treating a large volume of such chemicals. Over time, this can trickle down to wildlife and other natural resources.
homemade cleaners

Don’t let Analysis Paralysis stop you from switching. Look at what products you use every day. When they start to get low, make a natural one to replace it. Replace one product at a time and over time you will have a Homemade Natural Cleaner for everything!!

If you are looking for some simple go-to cleaner recipes check out Homemade Kitchen Cleaners or Homemade Bathroom Cleaners. And be sure to Join our List to get access to our FREE Cleaner Labels that have the recipes on the labels!! 

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