Garrett & Hunter are FOUR!!!

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I very vividly remember that first ultrasound when the tech turned to us and said, “Do you see what I see?” Jamie and I both answered yes a started laughing. 

The screen showed two sacs and two babies.  Baby A which would be Garrett and Baby B which would be Hunter. 

That was over four years ago now and I can’t tell you how different these two boys are. 

Reflecting on Three:


Garrett you are three going on 80!!  You thought process is so detailed it amazes us every day. You don’t stop talking and you have long explanations for just about everything.  

That being said your OCD drives us crazy sometimes. You have to have everything just right and if it isn’t in the correct spot or just doesn’t go together you are a mess till it is fixed. 

You love dinosaurs, building with legos and magantiles. Outside you are running around with your sister, digging in the dirt, and playing with trucks. 

You have not quite mastered using the bathroom and most days we want to pull our hair out because you have pooped in your pants for the third time. We are trying to be patient and give you reminders when you need to try. 

You help when asked and something when not asked but you always help until the job is done.  Very few tasks lose your attention, you want to see it finished. And if a task can’t be finished you aren’t happy and don’t always understand why. 

You weren’t the biggest fan when Marisol was born and I don’t think you ever held her as a baby.  She has grown on you a little and you won’t let us leave your “chunky monkey” behind. 


Hunter if your mind ever stops we will be surprised.  You are always on the go!  From the moment you wake up, you need little time to get going and do things. The first one dressed in the morning, the first one done eating, the first one ready to go on an adventure.  You are always moving.

In some ways that is a good thing and in others it gets you in trouble.  You always want to be doing and often forget to ask or think about doing something and get yourself in trouble. 

You love to antagonize your sister while she is playing; taking her toys or hiding something that she wants. On rare occasions, you two will play nicely. 

You much prefer to be helping your granddad or daddy do something outside; cut the grass, cut down trees, blow the leaves, etc.  Now, these things don’t hold your attention long you still want to have a tool in your hand ready to help. 

Daddy and I predict you will be our biggest kiddo.  You never stop eating, not 15 minutes after finishing a meal you are hungry and want something else.  Your favorite is cheese and noodles, making mac-n-cheese at the top of that list.  

Looking Ahead

I see four being a little rough for both of you.  You are so used to having your sister around all the time when she goes to school you aren’t going to know what to do.  But with a little time, you will learn to play with each other and I will get to see each of your personalities a little better. 

Hunter, I know you want a tractor and to do things. One day you will get that and get to build/do all the things. 

Garrett, keep on being you!! You see the world a little differently than I do and I often have to take a step back and remind myself of that. You keep me on my toes and always learning. 

Daddy and I know you both with accept any challenge that is put before you and you will excel.  

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