Homestead Gifts for Kids

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Shopping for gifts for kids can be quite the experience. Even if you know them well, its hard to decide what activity or toy they would enjoy most. If you are looking for that perfect gift, why not consider something practical that can be used on the homestead or used to teach a skill?

Items like vegetable seeds, a simple cooking set, a birdhouse kit or wooden tools can help encourage your little ones to get outside and explore their creativity. A quality set of kid-safe gardening gloves and other outdoor supplies will make sure they have an extra layer of protection while having fun with nature and discovering new things.

No matter what your child’s interests may be – there is sure to be something special among homesteading gift items that they will love! Keep reading to get some more ideas.  

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homestead kid gifts

Garden Gift Ideas

Garden Gloves– Your kiddos will love wearing gloves to work around the homestead just like you. 

Garden Tools– Kids love helping so give them tools just their size to help. 

To encourage responsibility set up a garden just for them.  Don’t have the space a Window Garden is the perfect size. 

Seeds or Flower Bombs

Make your own Flower Bombs with this simple DIY Project – Homemade Seed Bombs

Wagon– Not only will they love helping you tote things around their imagination will come up with a million others things to use it for. 

Hat– I don’t always remember to wear a hat or remind the kids to wear one but when I do I am thankful that I did. 

Kids Garden Journal– It is never too young to teach the love of gardening and our Kids Garden Journal is a great place to start!

homestead kid gifts

Around the Homestead Gifts

Muck Boots

Durable Jeans



Flashlights & Head Lamps


homestead kid gifts

Around the House

Melissa & Doug Cleaning Supplies

Recipe Book & Cooking Supplies

Food Dehydrator

homestead kid gifts

Outdoor Play

Ride on Toys– Your kids will love riding around the homestead and helping you move supplies.

You can buy these new from Walmart or Amazon but you can also find them on Facebook Market Place for a decent price.  Most of the time they will need a new battery or you can convert them to use your tool batteries. 

Mud Kitchen

Fishing Rods & Lures

Bow & Arrow– 

If your kiddos aren’t ready for real arrows the suction cup ones are great too. Check them out HERE

Pocket Knife or Multi Tool– Knowing how to properly use a Pocket Knife is a good skill for a homestead kid to have. We use pocket knives every day around here so we want our kids to be familiar with them.

You know your child and if he or she is ready for the responsibility of a knife / multi-tool or not, so use your discretion with this gift.

Sling Shot– A slingshot is a perfect gift for older homestead kids! Just be sure that they are properly supervised and/or they know how to safely use a slingshot without harming livestock (or their siblings).

Homestead Animals

Raising animals can give your kiddos a sense of pride as well as teach them responsibility & care for living creatures.

But, please be responsible with this one, y’all. If you are equipped to raise animals (have the land, resources, and time) then this is a good option.

Just don’t buy a bunny for your toddler only to resell it or, even worse, turn it loose when the new wears off.

Keeping records is an important part of raising animals so make sure you get your Homestead Farm Planner & Management Binder.

These gifts for homestead kids will have them excited to learn skills and explore. The best way to get your child started on a path of self-sufficiency is to give them gifts that teach essential homesteading skills. With these fun and educational gifts, they’ll be busy learning how to care for animals, garden, cook, and more. Which of these gifts would your child love?

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Holiday Gifts for Homestead Kids
Holiday Gifts for Homestead Kids