10 Must Have Homestead Tools

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If you’re looking to get into homesteading, you want to invest in the right tools. The wrong tool might seem like it’s doing the job, but could potentially put your project at risk or cost more money in repairs down the road. This is why it’s important for beginner or seasoned homesteaders alike to have a hand-picked collection of essential tools that will help make life simpler in their homes and gardens. In this article, we’ll share with you our compiled list of 10 must have homestead tools so that whatever task comes up can be easily accomplished!

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1. Chainsaw

Owning a chainsaw on a homestead is essential for working efficient and quickly on a variety of wood-related projects. From felling trees to cutting firewood, the power-tool can make large-scale tasks much simpler and more manageable.

On top of that, it also eliminates throwing away pieces of wood that are too big for typical saw blades, as well as avoiding having to saw with an ax or manual saw – which takes substantially longer! In fact, you’ll be able to get things done so quickly, you’ll be amazed at what all you can accomplish in the same amount of time – with the help of a separate chainsaw tool!

Ultimately, they’re incredibly useful machines that provide real value both around the home and out in the field. Investing in one is certainly worth making.

I am not confident using the gas powered chainsaw so for Christmas my dad bought me the Dewalt Battery chainsaw. I can’t wait to test it out.

chainsaw homestead tools

2. Multi Tool Fencing Pliers

Installing a fence on a homestead is no easy feat – there’s lots of materials and techniques that need to be managed in order for the job to be done correctly. That’s why multi tool fencing pliers are such a great resource to have on hand.

These pliers do more than just one function: you can wire-twist, crimp, cut, pull and hammer with them. The comfortable rubber-coated handles add an extra layer of ease when handling the heavy project at hand so you don’t experience any pain afterwards.

Plus, they come in handy for more versatile functions like quickly pulling nails out from posts or boards, helping you save time and effort in the process. On top of all of these benefits, multi tool fencing pliers are pocket-friendly so your wallet is never put in jeopardy when getting the job done right!

This is our favorite pair-10 Inch Multi Fencing Pliers

3. Drill

Having a good quality drill around the homestead is a must if you’re looking to tackle any DIY projects. Not only does a drill make work easier and faster, but it also makes sure that whatever you create is in tip-top shape and securely fastened together.

An electric drill will be your best bet for the perfect combination of power and convenience— not to mention it won’t strain your arm, which can come in handy on longer tasks.

Invest in a decent drill. We are a Dewalt family and have several of these Cordless Drill Combo Kits.

4. Pallet Remover

Having a pallet remover on your homestead is an incredibly useful resource if you love tackling projects made of pallet wood. Not only can it make taking apart pallets easier and more efficient, but it reduces the amount of time told that would usually be expended using hand tools to break them apart.

With one machine, you get the perfect material for all sorts of projects such as wooden furniture, home decor, and so much more! And with the money you’ll save from not having to purchase new wood for your projects, a pallet remover is definitely worth considering.

5. Electric Fence

Electric fence is an important tool for many homesteaders. It helps contain and protect animals such as sheep, pigs, and cows while also providing a physical barrier to large predators.

By using electric fencing, you can save considerable money on traditional fencing materials like wooden posts and wire mesh. Additionally, electric fences are extremely easy to install and can often be done in a single afternoon. Because of this, farmers have more time to focus on other aspects of their business or lifestyle.

An electric fence also offers peace of mind knowing that your livestock or land will be better protected from intruders or wild animals.

Furthermore, the small charge provides just enough shock to keep animals from escaping into or out of boundaries without causing them serious harm or discomfort. When used properly, electric fences make daily life much easier for homesteaders everywhere.

muckboots homestead tools

6. Muck Boots

Keeping your feet dry and protected is a critical part of farm living, which is why muck boots have become the go-to choice for those who work the land. Not only are they ruggedly built, but their waterproof structure ensures that farmers’ feet remain free from excess moisture no matter what conditions they’re working in.

With warmth, comfort, and superb traction on all surfaces, muck boots help keep farmers steady on their feet with each step. In addition, their protective layer also helps prevent injuries related to sharp rocks and other debris found outdoors.

All in all, muck boots provide a simple solution for comfort and safety while performing agricultural tasks.

7. Work Wear

As anyone who works the farm knows, having the right protective gear is essential to making sure both your clothing and you stay warm. You can’t just go out in any old clothes and expect to not be cold – so Carhartt workwear is a great solution!

Carhartt has been making quality workwear since 1889, so you know that whatever you’re buying from them is going to last. Their sturdy garments will withstand all types of weather while keeping you comfortable, no matter what activity you’re up to on the farm.

Plus, you’ll look fashionable too (as far as farm fashion goes)! So if you’re after a reliable and stylish way to battle winter weather on the farm- take it from us: get yourself some Carhartt workwear!

These are my favorite Carhartt overalls.

8. Welder

If you’re planning on running a homestead, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a welder and learn how to weld.

Not only can welding be a great way for you to save money by fixing and creating things yourself, but it can also give you the power to make all kinds of neat stuff.

Welding can help revolutionize your homesteading lifestyle as you tackle projects such as building metal furniture, repurposing old home decor, or even crafting your own custom garden fence from scratch.

Not only will having a welder and knowing how to use it give you more creative control over your projects, but it can also offer some level of security as you ensure that all items are properly crafted and won’t break or fail right away!

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9. Gorilla Cart

Having a gorilla cart on your homestead is a great way to tackle all sorts of chores and projects around the property. From using it to haul wood, stone, large boulders, logs, mulch and more, it can make the process much simpler while saving you time and energy.

It’s made from high-strength steel so you don’t have to worry about breakage in addition to its 800 lb capacity. Even if you’re not muscularly inclined, having something like this around makes it easy to get bigger jobs done without needing outside help.

What’s more, because of its easy-to-assemble design and 4″ x 10″ pneumatic tires, maneuvering is effortless even over rough terrains–perfect for anyone living the life of an outdoor enthusiast or country dweller.

We have two different Gorilla Carts (the wheel barrow and the cart) and LOVE THEM BOTH!!  They make moving things so easy the kids can do it and often want to help just to pull the cart. 

10. Growth Mindset

Homesteading is an incredibly rewarding lifestyle, but it’s certainly no walk in the park. To get the most out of your homestead, it’s important to develop and nurture a growth mindset.

With a growth mindset you’ll stay flexible and open to new ideas; you’ll be willing to take calculated risks and learn some new skills. Whether you’re creating an aquaponic system from scratch or learning how to make cheese from goat milk, with a growth mindset you’ll approach these new challenges with enthusiasm rather than fear or timidity.

Having this attitude will not only make the homestead more enjoyable for yourself, but for everyone involved- your family and livestock alike!

homestead tools

These homesteading tools will make your life much easier and allow you to get more things done. With the right tools, you can accomplish anything. Do you have any other favorite tools that you use on your homestead? Let us know in the comments below!

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