What Time of Day do Chickens Lay Eggs?

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The Chicken keeper has the unique pleasure of trying to decipher when their beloved hens lay eggs. A true master in this art can anticipate and detect subtle changes in a chicken’s behavior, while still remaining on alert should a fresh egg suddenly appear – because there is always that chance! Gaining insight into your flocks laying habits will no doubt bring great satisfaction – it has become a delightful challenge for all those devoted enough to never give up hope until they crack the code.

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But first… A little about the egg laying process!

Though almost all of us love eating fresh eggs – be it fried, poached or scrambled – many of us may still not fully understand how a chicken manages to produce such a scrumptious thing. In an eggshell, here is what happens in a chicken’s body when they lay an egg…

  1. After receiving a light cue from the sun the chicken releases an egg (the yolk) from their ovary into the uterus.
  2. The uterus slowly fills up with a protein rich substance commonly known as egg white.
  3. At this stage a membrane begins to form around the uterus wall that comprises mostly of calcium – this ultimately will become the eggshell.
  4. If the chicken’s body doesn’t have all the protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals at stages 2 and 3 it won’t be able to create a healthy looking eggs. Read more about how to supply your egg layers with a consistent supply of calcium HERE.
  5. It normally takes around 26 hours for the egg to become fully formed in the uterus, but some girls can prepare their eggs even quicker.
  6. The chicken’s uterus will contract once the egg is ready and it will gently push it out through their vent.
  7. An hour or so after it lays an egg the ovary will release the next egg yolk and a whole new cycle will begin again, aka the egg-laying cycle.

This of course is a very simplistic explanation of a process that is genuinely quite complex and fascinating – but essentially that’s what happens.

do chickens lay eggs at night

What are the benefits of knowing when your chickens are laying?

The Chicken keepers are always thinking, especially when it comes to the mysteries of their feathered friends’ egg-laying habits. Taking note of when and where they lay can ward off many frustratingly naughty behaviors – such as disrupting feeders or scratching too much in certain places. A little monitoring goes a long way!

Here are some examples

  • Collecting the eggs from the coop shortly after they’ve been laid is one of the easiest ways to prevent annoying habits like egg eating.
  • Also, scooping up the eggs as quickly as you can also helps prevent any of your hens turning broody – there’s nothing quite as intimidating as broody hens sitting on an egg in silent protest.
  • Knowing what time your chickens are laying is a good way to assess whether your chickens might have secret laying spots that you don’t know about. A classic sign of a hen with a secret is if you know that they’ve been laying but the eggs have started to go missing.
  • Sometimes people just like to know what their girls might be up to at different times in the day.

There are of course many other reasons why someone might want to know when their flock is laying, but these tend to be the most common causes that compel chicken lovers to find out.

So when do chickens most commonly lay eggs?

While most chickens will lay their eggs during the early hours of morning, there are no guarantees when it comes to predicting egg-laying time.

The popular laying hens tend to operate on a 26 hour cycle and usually drop off an egg within 6 hours after sunrise; however some chickens have been known to break this mold by placing one in the nest boxes as late at 3 PM!

There’s only one way for sure to find out what your fowls’ schedule is – wait and see if your flock delivers those golden treasures with each new day!

do chickens lay eggs at night

Do chickens lay eggs at night?

Contrary to popular belief, chickens don’t lay their eggs in the middle of slumber – they prefer roosting on a comfortable perch for a peaceful evening’s rest.

The evidence points to them waiting until morning so that all their efforts are not wasted and each egg can be laid with purpose!

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Do different breeds lay at different rates?

If you’re looking for a backyard chicken that can lay lots of eggs, the Rhode Island Red may be your best bet – it has egg-laying potential in spades! But if beauty is what you’re after then Silkies should certainly not be overlooked – with its colorful and fluffy plumage, this charming breed will surely bring delight to any garden.

When choosing chickens always make sure their environment is optimal for producing delicious eggs. With both needs taken into account there’s no doubt you’ll find an ideal candidate from amongst our feathered friends!

When will my chickens start laying eggs?

It’s impossible to predict when exactly your chickens will start laying eggs, but with proper nutrition and a comfortable living space, you can give them the best chance at laying eggs. Keeping in mind that chickens don’t lay eggs year round and certain breeds of chickens may take longer to start laying, it is important to remain patient – and enjoy your flock in the meantime!

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned chicken keeper, actively making sure their nutritional needs are taken care of is an essential part of keeping happy hens. You can also increase your chances of success by providing nesting boxes for your birds along with extra bedding for comfort. 

With just a few simple steps and lots of patience, you may soon find yourself collecting fresh eggs from the backyard flock you’ve always dreamed about!

Learn more about when your chickens will start laying HERE.

Will my chickens lay their eggs at different times during the winter months?

During the winter, those fortunate enough to have hens producing eggs are truly lucky! Chickens are known for laying fewer eggs during the winter months because they rely on a certain amount of daylight for a hormonal response that triggers their bodies into egg-laying mode; without at least 14-16 hours of light each day it is highly unlikely any birds will lay. 

Though some chickens in certain parts of the world and coop environments can manage occasional laying during winter months, don’t count on this consistent production – make sure your flock has proper care year round!

Tips for getting your chickens to lay eggs during winter

If you’re looking to get your chickens laying eggs even during the cold winter months, there are a few tips you can use. Keep your hen house cozy by adding extra bedding if possible and making sure it stays dry and draft-free. 

Also, make sure they have enough food and water. Supplying them with extra protein through treats like mealworms or suet will also help boost production. 

Lastly, supplement their light with artificial lighting, as their natural daylight hours shorten during the colder season. With these simple steps, you’ll soon be seeing the reward of fresh, delicious eggs all year long!

do chickens lay eggs at night

Why is my chicken not laying eggs?

If you’re a chicken owner, you may have wondered why your beloved feathered friend has stopped laying eggs. Depending on their age, breed, diet and environment, chickens typically lay eggs around one to three times a week. 

But there could be other factors at work here. Complex hormonal issues can interfere with egg production which could be caused by underlying health issues or being exposed to high levels of stress. It’s important to inspect your chicken’s health and environment regularly to ensure there are no obstacles preventing her from laying eggs as frequently as she should be. 

If nothing else seems amiss, consult a veterinarian for advice about what steps need to be taken to get back on track with your chicken’s egg production.

do chickens lay eggs at night

To the delight of backyard chicken keepers everywhere, chickens have been known to lay eggs at any time of day, though peak egg-laying times tend to come in the morning and early afternoon. 

While chickens may not always produce eggs punctually like clockwork, you can rest assured that your feathered friends will bring plenty of joy and entertainment to your home with their busy activities. Now that you are informed about when chickens lay eggs, you can plan accordingly for when to collect them. 

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or late afternoon that your chickens start laying eggs, one thing is certain: life on a small farm will always be an exciting adventure!

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