The Best Compost Bins and Tumblers

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The world of composting and where to start can be very confusing.  In this post we are going to break down the different types of composters so that you can pick the one that is the best for you and your farmhouse. Ready to find the Best Compost Bins?

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3 bin compost system

Getting Started-

In addition to diverting unnecessary trash from the landfill, making compost prevents the build-up of greenhouse gasses. It also creates low-cost, nutrient-rich garden fertilizer.

But where should you start when you want to buy a home compost system? Begin by asking yourself a few questions:

How much food waste do you generate each week? This will help determine what size composter you need. Check the capacity of various models to find the one that fits.

How quickly do you want to process your waste? This will help determine what style of composter fits your home and lifestyle. In general, tumblers process waste faster than stationary bins.

Do you have outdoor space for a composter? If you don’t, you can still compost using countertop or worm-based models.

Do you have a garden that needs compost? If not, you can still reduce your food waste to virtually nothing with a solar waste digester.

Based on your questions you are probably leaning towards a compost tumbler or a compost bin.  Take these next couple of things into consideration when making your final decision.

best compost bins

Things to Look For-

Whatever the size of your yard or family, there are important things to watch for when purchasing a composter. These are the criteria that go into making a composter the best it can be.


  • Vermin proof: Make sure your composter comes with a lid that locks into place.
  • Durable: Long lasting materials will ensure your composter gives you years of service.
  • Easy slide door: Struggling with a sticky door makes compost harvesting a chore.
  • Insulated chamber: If you live in cold climates, you’ll need this to keep your compost working through the winter.
  • The right capacity: Buying something too small will sabotage your efforts.
  • Food safe plastic: If you plan to spread compost on your garden, look for designs that won’t leach plastic into your homegrown fertilizer.

Types of Bins

Like almost any product on the market, composters fall into categories designed to meet the different needs of consumers. You can now buy worm composters, compost tumblers, stationary composting bins, and food waste digesters. The one you ultimately choose will depend on where you live, the size of your family, and how much you want to spend.

Worm composting models use nature’s soil makers—earthworms—to break down organic matter. They’re great for indoor use thanks to their size and portability, but they don’t compost meat, dairy, citrus, and handful of other food waste items. Read Worm Composting Basics for Beginners.

worm composting bin
compost tumbler

Compost tumblers are excellent for quick composting and larger volumes. Their handy design makes turning your compost a cinch. Compost tumblers are also impermeable to vermin and other pests thanks to their sealed chambers and (often) elevated designs. For more information, read our guide to compost tumblers.

Stationary compost bins are probably the most common design thanks to their simple operation and affordability. They can be a little more work to turn, but you can make them yourself from scrap material or buy one of many excellent models. Like worm bins they don’t usually accept meat and dairy. Citrus and avocado pits can take longer to compost.

3 bin compost system
digester composting

Food waste digesters break down almost anything—including meat, bones, pits, starches, and more—usually through heat or agitation. These now come in countertop models for apartment-style composting.

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Best Compost Bins and Tumblers

After searching the web and reading descriptions and reviews here are what we feel are the best compost bins and tumblers for your backyard compost.

Best urban composter

Green Cone Solar Waste Digester

Best compost bin for your garden

Aerobin 400 Insulated Composter


Best compost tumbler

Jora JK 270

compost tumbler

Best large capacity composter

Jora JK 400

compost tumbler

Best apartment composter

Worm Factory 360

worm composting bin

Best small-batch compost bin

EZ Compost Wizard Junior

compost tumbler

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