Sample Homeschool Schedule

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Our homeschool schedule has changed a lot over the last year or so but I am ok with that.  It is one of the many benefits of homeschooling. Your schedule can change based on the season of life that we are in. This is a sample homeschool schedule to give you an idea of what your day could look like. 

Currently, we block off about two hours in the morning for homeschooling. I like to get it done in the morning to have the rest of the afternoon to play and get chores done around the homestead. 

The majority of our lessons are computer-based.  When I am planning out what we are doing for the week I put all of our lessons into Google Slides and then will screen share my computer to the tv (using apple TV) to work through the lesson.  This really helps me keep on track and stay focused.  We have one outcome/objective for each lesson that I will display on the screen and then a slide or two for each of the activities that go along with that objective.

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sample homeschool schedule

Sample Homeschool Schedule

9:00/9:15 – Calendar

Calendar involves counting, patterns, and identifying today and tomorrow.  We also talk about our number of the day, the weather, and some social skills.

9:30 – Math

I love starting math with some sort of song that get the kids moving and thinking.  Most often it is a counting sound that has them counting to ten or higher.  There are so many different ones on youtube it never gets old. 

From there we do our main lesson. 

Then we get the manipulatives out and practice whatever skill we are working on.  My favorite manipulatives are the mini erasers from the dollar section of Target.  They come out with new ones about every month or two, the activity is always more fun with different manipulatives. 

All of my erasers are kept in this nuts/bolts organizer

To end math my kiddos do a worksheet to show their skills.  I am normally not a fan of worksheets but we have to keep a portfolio for our county, so these worksheets are great proof that we are doing lessons and learning.

sample homeschool schedule

10:00 Comprehension

This is the structure of our Comprehension lesson. I will do another post that goes into more detail about each of the components and some activities for each.

Oral Language 

Phonemic Awareness 

Print Awareness 

Readers Workshop 


Whole Body 


My Comprehension Units-

Penguin Problems-Comprehension Unit

The Hat-Comprehension Unit

The Snowy Day-Comprehension Unit

10:30 Small Groups (15 minutes for each center)


  • ABC Mouse or Homer Reading

With Me– 

  • Henleigh(4 years old) works on phonics and phonemic awareness. We follow Explode the Code.
  • the boys (3 years old) work on letter ID and fine motor skills (tracing lines and letters). The boys start by building their name or tracing it.  Then we do an alphabet puzzle, matching game, or tracing cards. They really aren’t fluent yet so this takes the entire 15 minutes. 

Centers/Yellow bins

  • These are games that we have played together that they can play them again by themselves.
  • For Center Ideas – Centers in the Classroom

11:15 Free Play (inside or outside)

sample homeschool schedule

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Reading and Writing with Henleigh

We focus a lot on sight words and reading books on her level (level readers). We also focus on comprehending the books she reads. I love Reading A to Z for this.

For writing we use Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills Writing Units that very close follow Lucy Calkins writing. I used Lucy Calkins when I taught for the county.

Our Homeschool Room

Younger Kiddos

Marisol is normally with us for school time.  She gets to walk around the school area and just play.  Sometimes she ends up in my lap and has to watch but other times she will play in the kitchen or just dump all the bins out.

Some of her favorite “school” toys-

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The biggest thing to remember when you are coming up with a schedule for school is to be flexible some days things will go off without a hitch and others you will barely make it through one lesson before something goes wrong. In my mind this is one of the best things about homeschooling, you can be flexible to make school work for you! 

And please avoid Analysis Paralysis!! Jump in and get dirty. You will learn more from doing then you will ever learn from reading, watching or listening.  No two homeschool schedules or routines are the same and that is the beauty of it.  You create a schedule and environment that is BEST for your KIDDOS!!

sample homeschool schedule