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The first thing to know and remember is this: Don’t try to capture or even touch a hummingbird. They are small delicate creatures and can easily be injured if handled. Just look the tiny birds dancing in the air is simply wonderful to watch.

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 But there are still things you can do to make your yard a special hummingbird spot:

Plant a variety of flowers

It’s the bright colors that count because hummingbirds are attracted to vivid hues, they feed on the nectar contained in the flower center. Plant flowers with wide petals like flags waving to hummingbirds that say – “eat here”! Once hummingbirds find your tasty flowers they will come back often, they have good memories of where they have eaten before.

two hummingbirds drinking nectar

Hang Feeders

Place a hummingbird feeder anywhere in your yard even near a window. Feeders come in all shapes and sizes, those feeders with nectar which you can make at home, soon you’ll have a hummingbird show right before your eyes! 

Need ideas for feeders visit- Best Hummingbird Feeders

Want to learn how to make your own nectar visit- How to Make Hummingbird Food

Learn More

You can check out books or online sources that show you how to make your own feeder using old bottles or other objects around your house you can even make your own nectar by following these this easy recipe

Many books and websites contain intriguing information about hummingbird life. I highly recommend checking out our other post about hummingbirds.

Happy Hummingbirding!!