Henleigh is 3!!

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Happy Birthday!!

You are a firecraker/hurricane, but we love you just the same. We can’t believe that you are already 3. Most days you are sweet, helpful and chatty but on other days your redheaded temper comes out and you are downright STUBBORN!! You throw fits/temper tantrums like your aunt Chelle Chelle and can just about outsmart/talk whatever situation you want. You correct us when we read a word wrong in your favorite book and are just so darn cute!

Currently You Like….

merimaids, coloring, telling your brother what to do, and watching TV. You are obsessed with camping, swimming, Uncle Mitchell and “your” four wheeler.

Of course I couldn’t just pick a few pictures to share so I picked a lot. Happy Birthday little girl!! Mommy and Daddy love you.

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