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Welcome to Hummingbird Acres

Hi, I’m Deeanne

Welcome to Hummingbird Acres…..  We want to help you create your Dream Homestead!!

For us it all started with Poison Ivy and a google search. Where Mr. Google Pants taught us how to get rid of it and introduced us to Homesteading and Permaculture. We jumped head first into homesteading and along the way felt the pull to share our Homesteading Adventures.

We are mom & dad to four kiddos plus Ru, our chocolate lab. Jamie and I (Deeanne) believe in treating everyone like family, keeping our minds and hands busy with DIY and renovation projects, gardening, making delicious goodies and meals to share, and always having an empty bed for guests. Join us as we share our love for homesteading and Inspire you to Build your Dream Homestead.