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    About Hummingbird Acres

    Hummingbird Acres is our place to inspire you to live the Homestead Lifestyle.  You can grow your own food and cook delicious from-scratch meals for your family. 

    Your garden doesn’t have to just be for food, it is also a place to grow something beautiful and we encourage everyone to grow cut flowers for your table and to share with others. 

    We also want to inspire you to live a more natural life and get rid of the toxic chemicals that seem to be everywhere. 

    If we can do this so can YOU!!

    It Started with Poison Ivy

    If you didn’t know Jamie is HIGHLY allergic to poison ivy!!

    We were in Virginia visiting family and spending time at our favorite art center in Bedford. 

    While there we volunteered to clean up the front flower bed that just so happened to be filled with POISON IVY!!! 

    So there we were in a different state, during a pandemic, with a young baby tasked to clean something up that would most likely land Jamie in Urgent Care. 

    So in true Deeanne fashion, I started Googling… 

    I found Tenth Acre Farm and started learning about Permaculture. Then I found Homestead and Chill and learned about homesteading…. by the time naptime was over I had about a million tabs open and couldn’t stop talking about everything I was reading. 

    I talked Jamies ear off for days and by the time we got home we were comitted to start living the homesteading lifestyle. It started with the garden, then from scratch cooking, and ….

    every day we learn something new and put those practices into place around our homestead. Hummingbird Acres is our place to share our homesteading adventures and maybe even inspire you to live this lifestyle too!! 

    Oh and if you are wondering we did learn how to get rid of the poison ivy but it involved starting that garden all over again which was something the art center didn’t want to do. 

    Our Maryland Homestead

    Our story started long before Jamie and I even met. It started with my mom and dad. They were high school sweet hearts who saved every penny and worked hard to buy two acres of land and build their dream home. Most of the projects were done by my parents, there was always a plan and a project. It took them years and some projects still aren’t done but they built something they are very proud of. 

    They built a home that not only had everything they needed it is also the center of our family both immediate and extended. They built a home where everyone is welcome no matter who they are. You are welcomed with open arms and never judged. There is always an extra bed or room for whom ever needs it. It doesn’t matter how long you stay. You are family!!

    Jamie and I work hard to continue and grow what they started. 

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