5 Useful Garden Tools

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Gardeners are always on the lookout for the next great garden tools or gadget. But we also know that not everything on our garden shelves gets used.

I’ve definitely had my share of garden tool flops that ended up in the donate bin. I also use some tools season after season — my “go-to” garden tools.

This year I’ve discovered some new favorites. Some are large and some are small, but if you’re looking for some unique garden tools and ideas, I almost guarantee that this list will inspire you as you look toward the next season.

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Greenstalk Vertical Planter

I have embraced container gardening!! Our current homestead is not where we see ourselves in the future so we are using it as our classroom.  With that being said we don’t want to add too many garden beds and permanent structures here. 

So we grow ALOT in containers. The Greenstalk Planters is so easy to assembly and allows you to grow more than you would think because you can now grow vertical.

We have grown lettuce and strawberries in ours and they have done fantastic!!

We have the 5-tier planter, but you can choose a 3-tier option in a variety of colors. They also have a new planter with more shallow pockets for shallow-rooted plants like lettuce and flowers.

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grow bags

Fabric Grow Bags

Sometimes a container is just not an option and that is when we turn to Grow Bags.

They have benefits, here are a few I’ve noticed: lightweight; easy to move plants from one place to another the roots “air prune,” so they don’t circle endlessly around the pot, becoming stressed well-drained; never have to worry about “root rot” that comes from over-saturated soil easy to store at the end of the season — they lay flat if you decide to empty and store for the winter.

We love THESE.

photo storage box

Photo Box for Seed Storage

I can’t recall where I saw this idea, but several years ago I bought a photo box and transformed it into a seed package storage container. This little change made storing seeds immensely easier and more organized.

The only seeds I don’t use this for are large seeds I save myself that won’t fit into small packets. These boxes make storing seeds so easy and organized!!

Here are the ones we like, Photo Storage Box.


Organic Fertilizer

This one isn’t a tool but it is something every gardener uses and needs to restock. Making it a great gift idea. 

We personally rely more on compost, there are other organic fertilizers I find myself reaching for season after season:

Garden Tone or Plant Tone — this all-purpose organic fertilizer is one I add to the soil at planting time for a slow-release supplement during the growing season.

Camp chef

Camp Chef for Home Canning

We are slowly shifting all of our home canning outdoors. It gets too hot in the house while we are canning and keeping the house cool during the summer is a must. 

Another benefit of using a propane stove; my water bath canning comes to a boil faster, and my pressure canning comes to pressure faster.

Another plus is not heating my house with canning in the middle of a hot summer. By canning outside on my patio in the cool of the morning or evening, my canning experience has become much more enjoyable.

We really like this ONE!!

Garden Planner and Journal

For the past few years, I’ve used a printable garden planner and journal that I created myself.

I loved it so much that I decided to tweak it further and make a tool that others could use.  I can’t wait to use this new-and-improved version of my Garden Planner & Journal next season. 

One thing I love about the printable planner and journal is that I can print only the pages I need and I can print multiples of what I may need more of.

Get our

Garden Planner & Journal

Everything you need to start and maintain a successful garden. Take the guess work out of what to plant where and when to start your seeds.

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