Must Have Canning Supplies

For many people, home canning is a way to enjoy the fruits of their labor long after the harvest is over. Canning allows you to preserve food in a sealed container, preventing it from spoiling. The process of home canning can seem daunting at first, but with a little practice, it can be easy and enjoyable. There are two main types of home canning: water bath canning and pressure canning. Water bath canning is typically used for high-acid foods like fruits and pickles, while pressure canning is necessary for low-acid foods like vegetables and meats. Regardless of which method you use, home canning is a great way to enjoy freshly-grown fruits and vegetables all year round.

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Must Haves for Home Canning

water bath canner and tools
Water Bath Canner & Tools

Canning Tools

pressure canner
Pressure Canner

mason jars
Mason Jars

Camp Chef
Camp Chef

Pickling Salt
Pickling Salt

low sugar pectin
Low Sugar Pectin

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