Garden Supplies & Must Haves

We try to support our local farmers and garden centers as much as possible, but a lot of what we purchase is only available online. Below you will find products that we recommend for gardening either veggies or cut flowers. 

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

Raised Bed Supplies

3’ x 6’ Cedar Raised Bed Kit

4’ x 8’ Cedar Raised Bed Kit

2x4 foot raised bed

2’ x 4’ Cedar Raised Bed Kit

49” x 96” White Vinyl Arbor

cedar arbor

Cedar Arbor

Cattle Panel

soaker hose

Soaker Hose Kit (Amazon)

Soaker Hose

Landscape Staples

orbitz water timer

Soaker Hose Timer

Landscape Fabric

Dirt & Amendments

black kow

Black Kow Compost

happy frog potting soil

Organic Potting Soil (for containers)

Mycorrhizal Fungi Concentrate

worm casting

Worm Castings Soil Amendment

Seed Starting

Wire Shelving

grow lights

Grow Lights

Seed Trays

Seed Starting Soil Mix

heat mat

Seedling Heat Mat


watering can

Large (2 gallon) Watering Can

small watering can

Small (40oz) Watering Can

spray bottle

Spray Bottles (for applying fungicide)

sprayer bottle

Pump Sprayer (for applying fungicide)

Measuring Spoons (for fertilizer or fungicide)


Stainless Steel Shovel

small shovel

Hand Trowel

claw weeder

Garden 4-claw Weeder

Pocket Snips


Pocket Pruners

Seeds & Plants

Johnny Select Seeds

Swan Island Dahlias

Easy Grow Bulbs

Triple Wren Farms


fish fertilizer

Fish Fertilizer (pre-blooming plants)

Seaweed Fertilizer

Soil Acidifer

rose and flower fert

Rose and Flower Fertilizer

bone meal

Bone Meal

Fungicide & Pesticide

spinosad spray

Spinosad Spray


Nematodes (works against bugs, apply spring)

Live Ladybugs (combats aphids and thrips)


BioAdvanced  (non-organic flower fungicide)