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    • Our Story,  the Dream

      Why we Homestead?

      I’m going to answer a question that we often get which is “how did we get into homesteading” A lot of people get into homesteading because of the food and for us it actually had nothing to do with the food. How did we get into homesteading? When others answer this question they often answer that they wanted to know more about where their food came from and they want to be more sustainable. They want food security. Where all of those things are definitely important to us they’re not how we got into homesteading. We got into homesteading in the spring of 2020 while we were visiting the Sedalia…

    • Our Family,  Our Story

      Garrett & Hunter are FOUR!!!

      I very vividly remember that first ultrasound when the tech turned to us and said, “Do you see what I see?” Jamie and I both answered yes a started laughing.  The screen showed two sacs and two babies.  Baby A which would be Garrett and Baby B which would be Hunter.  That was over four years ago now and I can’t tell you how different these two boys are.  Reflecting on Three: Garret Garrett you are three going on 80!!  You thought process is so detailed it amazes us every day. You don’t stop talking and you have long explanations for just about everything.   That being said your OCD drives…

    • This is 5
      Our Family,  Our Story

      Henleigh is FIVE!!

      I really wanted to start this post talking about how I can’t believe you are already five and where does time go…. Blah blah blah. And yes I can’t believe you are five and time does go by so fast but we know this and I have come to believe that we need to embrace it instead of dwelling on it.  Live everyday to its fullest, take time to reflect, don’t have any regrets, and give yourself grace!! Happy Birthday Henleigh!!  I hope FOUR was full of great memories and adventures.  I know that FIVE will be filled with many more adventures and things to learn. Reflecting on FOUR I…

    • Our Family,  Our Story

      Marisol is ONE!!

      Probably not the best day to write this blog post considering she didn’t sleep much last night and has been a little bit of a pill but this is what is on the agenda for today.   Note that not sleeping and crying for hours is out of character for her, we are guessing she is “off” because she got three shots and her finger pricked yesterday at her doctor’s appointment. Any other day she is a great baby!! Highlights of Year ONE!! Just like your siblings you are a blanket girl!! At any given time you have three in your bed. Your favorite is your coast guard blanket (which I…

    • Our Family

      Marisol is Here!!

      A little early but we couldn’t image our life without this little piggy! When they say every pregnancy is different they aren’t lying. The end of this pregnancy was rough and it really did feel like I was pregnant FOREVER!! I guess that is what happens when life throws you lemons while pregnant. But this little piggy is the best present we could have received after the season of life that we have just endured. Telling Marisol’s birth story was not something that I originally intended to do but so many people have asked I figured why not… At my 38 week appointment, my blood pressure was a little high…

    • Our Family

      The Boys are 2!!

      Happy Birthday Boys!! Where does time go? I have been home with them a complete year and they have been a part of this family for TWO years now!! I would have to say that they have done the most growing up this year. For starters, they both have hair now that we have to get cut on a semi-regular basis and their vocabulary!! OMG I think we counted over 50 words they each know last night. Here is a little recap on what each boy likes and dislikes. Garrett Likes: his sister (that includes fighting with her), cookies and ice cream, camping, his MeMe, telling Mommy what to do, everything…

    • Our Family

      Henleigh is 3!!

      Happy Birthday!! You are a firecraker/hurricane, but we love you just the same. We can’t believe that you are already 3. Most days you are sweet, helpful and chatty but on other days your redheaded temper comes out and you are downright STUBBORN!! You throw fits/temper tantrums like your aunt Chelle Chelle and can just about outsmart/talk whatever situation you want. You correct us when we read a word wrong in your favorite book and are just so darn cute! Currently You Like…. merimaids, coloring, telling your brother what to do, and watching TV. You are obsessed with camping, swimming, Uncle Mitchell and “your” four wheeler. Of course I couldn’t…