Backyard Monarchs


Raising monarch butterflies can seem daunting. You may feel unsure where to begin or how to provide the proper care. It’s frustrating when your efforts don’t lead to success.

Imagine the joy and wonder as your backyard fills with the beauty of monarchs. You’ll feel pride knowing you played a role in preserving an iconic species. Raising monarchs is deeply fulfilling.

With Backyard Monarchs, you’ll have everything you need to successfully raise monarch butterflies.

  • Finding reliable sources of milkweed and nectar flowers, which is essential for feeding caterpillars.
  • What is needed to raise monarch butterflies
  • Where to raise monarch butterflies as to not affect their ability to migrate.
  • Tips and techniques to increase your chances of successfully raising monarch butterflies.
  • How to ethically handle sick butterflies.

We walk you through each step so you can thrive, not just survive. Join the movement and make a difference from your own backyard.

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