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Jamie and I often dream about what we want for the future. What we want for our kids. Where we want to live. And the kind of lives we want. In 2018 we created a 5 year plan!! It is a lofty DREAM but we are determined.


Simple life, focused on family

Get back to our roots so that we can live a simpler life that focuses on food and family.

Provide our kids with a healthier lifestyle where we know where the food comes from and teach them life/survival skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. Teaching them about hard work and that they are able to conquer any situation and can thrive!! 

Give our kids a place to grow up where they can just be kids, they can pee outside without having to make sure someone is watching. They can create, explore, and use their imagination. Get away from the material things and focus on adventures and spending time together.


Place to Gather

We see Hummingbird Acres as a place for everyone to gather. We would love to build a community where friends become family and join in on projects around the farm. 

Large gathering spaces to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.. 

A campground with full hook ups so that friends and family can visit.  We will also list our campground on HipCamp for others to come, camp and enjoy the views and our homestead.


Grow Something Beautiful  

We don’t just want things to be functional, we want them to be beautiful. And see the importance of being stewards of the land. Our love of pollinators can grow on this farm, with record numbers of monarch releases. This would involve native pollinator gardens and hummingbird feeders around every corner. 

Cut Flower gardens would be a must so that we have fresh flowers for our table and to give to others. Our cut flower gardens would also be a great spot of gatherings both for us and others. Cutting the flowers and making bouquets would be amazing to sell either at a market, through a CSA, or U-Pick Events.

Besides having a large pollinator garden we also want to encourage others to plant native and pollinator friendly plants. We will do this by selling plants, shrubs, and trees in a mini nursery setting. And hosting classes on the homestead.


Food that tastes Good and is Healthy

Large vegetable garden to grow enough food for our family and have extras to bless others. We see space for the main crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, etc.), in ground spaces for corn and potatoes, and high tunnels for the cooler season crops (brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage). 

Mini orchard to provide our family and others with fresh fruit (berries, apples, peaches, pears).

We see animals on our farm not only for food but to also help us steward the land. Chickens for meat and eggs, pigs to clean out the underbrush and bacon, goats to eat the poison ivy, and a cow or two for milk and beef.

We want the ability to preserve our harvest and store it so that we can enjoy it all year.


More Than a Farm
Hummingbird Acres isn’t just a place on a map, it is a website and YouTube channel where we can share what we are doing, teach and inspire others. Content focuses on gardening, from scratch cooking, natural living, and homesteading with a sprinkle of pollinators and our everyday life. On the website we sell digital products (eBooks and courses), shirts, stickers, and more.


We want to leave a legacy for our children. Creating a space that they can come back to whenever their heart desires. A place where we can raise our children and rock out grandchildren.

We started dreaming about this “farm” about three years ago, the dream has grown with changes in our life but something that has carried through is the fact that we feel called to Bedford, we feel like we belong there and when we visit we NEVER want to leave. It feels like HOME.


The Meaning Behind Hummingbird Acres-

If you have followed me for any amount of time you know that my mom was a big part of our lives. Her passing was devastating for everyone!! Within hours of her passing, many family members encountered a hummingbird who would not leave them alone. The day after she passed I released two monarch butterflies, when I looked at the pictures from the release I had snapped a picture of the monarch and a hummingbird in the same frame without knowing it.

My mom loved hummingbirds and had one tattooed on her ankle. The hummingbird took on a new meaning for us and was a consistent reminder of her presence.

While we were driving around one afternoon dreaming and talking about what we wanted in the future I came up with the name Hummingbird Acres. It stuck!! Jamie and I both agreed that our future home & property would be called Hummingbird Acres after my mom who loved to dream and loved her family with all of her heart.

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