Marisol is ONE!!

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Probably not the best day to write this blog post considering she didn’t sleep much last night and has been a little bit of a pill but this is what is on the agenda for today.  

Note that not sleeping and crying for hours is out of character for her, we are guessing she is “off” because she got three shots and her finger pricked yesterday at her doctor’s appointment. Any other day she is a great baby!!

Highlights of Year ONE!!

Just like your siblings you are a blanket girl!! At any given time you have three in your bed. Your favorite is your coast guard blanket (which I love because MeMe had a Coast Guide blanket too). You also LOVE your bambi binkie. If you have a blanket and that binkie you will sleep!! 

Because of COVID you actually haven’t met many friends or family members. Hopefully you will get to met your cousins in 2021.  You will probably have stranger danger because that developed the day before you first birthday. 

We didn’t travel that much in 2020 so you aren’t the biggest fan of your car seat.  When we do travel you ride with Mommy and Hunter. We both ensure hours of your screaming and crying until you fall asleep.  Daddy and Grand dad experienced this for the first time when we went for a ride to look at Christmas lights. They had a little sympathy for Mommy and Hunter after that 20 minute ride.


You love to eat and at some meals you can eat your brother Hunter under the table!!  You didn’t do pureed food that long, you moved right into solids. Daddy and I kinda missed that stage because we liked making different purees for you siblings. 

You started walking at about 10 months but we camped and traveled a lot in the fall, so you really didn’t get the opportunity to practice. By 11 months you are cruising around!!

Your first word was Dada but I have to say I am not upset about that because as you get older it will be Mama ALL DAY everyday!!  After Dada it was Gran- Dad, again not surprising because he is your best friend. If you are upset or just off he can make you smile with just a hug and a kiss.  We often find you in his room stealing stuff or talking to him.



Our Little Piggy is ONE!!

Your first birthday was a little different.  Instead of a big party we did an open house where friends and family could stop by to say hi. 

We decorated the kitchen with streamers and balloons. I made you two Piggy outfits, that were adorable!!  

Ms. Terri came up for the weekend. The girls and Cathy came over on Friday night to help me make your piggy cookies.  They looked amazing and tasted amazing too!! They were sourdough sugar cookies.

Nana came over for your birthday dinner and brought you clothes.  We have decided that you look really good in purple. 

Mrs. Jennifer brought you toys but you would never know because your sibling snatched them up as soon as they were unwrapped. 

Your smash cake was the first one I had made.  It was a Keto Hummingbird Cake. And was actually really good. You didn’t smash it though, you kinda picked at it and put a few bites in your mouth. Daddy made sure you got icing on your nose though.



My Hopes and Dreams for You

“This life becomes all that you want it too. Your dreams stay big and your worries stay small.”

Rascal Flatts

This song came one while I was writing this post and it was just so fitting.  I want the world for you!! You have a great personality that is already shining through and I know that it will take you far in life.  Keep dreaming little girl!!  With a little work ALL your dreams will come true!!


Xoxo, Mama

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