Day 5 | Why do you want to homestead?

Welcome to Homesteading Bootcamp!

Let’s face it, anybody can set a goal. But actually following through and crushing that goal is a different story. The reality is that most people are much better at setting goals than they are actually achieving them.

How do you make sure that those distance dreams and far-off goals become reality? You need a plan.

And it starts with knowing your WHY!

This might seem like an overly simple question at first, but it’s an important part of the process. I encourage you to take a little time to examine your motivations and to reflect on what you are hoping to gain from this journey.

  • Is it self-sufficiency?
  • Is it quality of life?
  • Is it better food?
  • Is it a desire to get back to nature?
  • Is it an old-fashioned childhood for your kids?
  • Is it a simpler life?

Take some time to identify whatever might be driving you towards this lifestyle. Identifying these characteristics will help you stay on track as you develop the rest of your homesteading plan.

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