Henleigh is FIVE!!

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I really wanted to start this post talking about how I can’t believe you are already five and where does time go…. Blah blah blah. And yes I can’t believe you are five and time does go by so fast but we know this and I have come to believe that we need to embrace it instead of dwelling on it.  Live everyday to its fullest, take time to reflect, don’t have any regrets, and give yourself grace!!

Happy Birthday Henleigh!!  I hope FOUR was full of great memories and adventures.  I know that FIVE will be filled with many more adventures and things to learn.

reflecting on four

Reflecting on FOUR

I am going, to be honest, here four was a struggle, Hen.  You are very stubborn and strong-willed.  If you didn’t like an answer to something you tried your hardest to find every way around it.  Most arguments included what you were going to wear, what you wanted to eat, the TV, and who you were going to play with.  

When it comes to what you wanted to wear it was always a dress!!  But you have so many other “cute” clothes that just kept getting put in storage so I made the rule that you could wear dresses every other day.  Which has worked out great for the most part and you don’t often try to double up. Lol

Food!! If you could eat peanut butter and jelly for every meal you would.  You also love mommy’s sourdough pizza but only if it is “pineapple”. Oh and we can’t forget the snacks.  You and Hunter are always asking for a snack about 5 minutes after you eat a big meal.

reflecting on four

If MeMe was here she would definitely be calling you “Chatty Cathy”!!  You don’t seem to ever stop talking. Even when there is nothing to talk about you find some way to bring something up; whether it is a story from months ago or to ask a question you already know the answer too.  You never STOP!  We have been working on “quiet time” where you have to do something for 15-20 minutes by yourself without talking, some days are better than others. 

You have never met a flower you didn’t like.  I mean all of the flowers in the yard have ended up in your outside play kitchen or in the house. I can’t say I blame you for this but we are going to have words if you start picking the flowers out of my flower beds.  On the other side I am excited for the idea that maybe this passion will continue and some day you will work along side me in the garden. 

When it comes to learning you pick up on things so quickly but can be stubborn when it comes to practicing them. It makes teaching you very hard at times.  For example you are very capable of reading a book but you will argue that you don’t know how and will either give up or be nasty about it. The same goes for writing.

For the most part, you enjoy playing with your brothers and are great with Marisol.  You get so excited when Lila comes to play and often get mad that your brothers have to play too.  But I would have to say your favorite thing to do is go CAMPING!!!  It is all that you talk about and we are always counting sleeps until our next trip.  And you love to camp with Aunt “Ancy” and Uncle Ron!!

Baby girl I hope that you have many many fond memories of FOUR, I know that you daddy, and I do.  FIVE will hold many new adventures and experiences. Daddy and I will be there every day helping you learn and grow.

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