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    Butterfly Gardening

    Create a Beautiful Garden that will Attract Hundreds of Butterflies

    You will have everything you need to design a butterfly/pollinator garden that will attract pollinators to your yard. As well as a list of what annuals and perennials to include.

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, Butterfly Gardening can help you!

    What You Will Get Inside Butterfly Gardening

    butterfly weed


    Welcome to the Farmhouse!

    I’m Deeanne Momma to FOUR, Backyard Gardener, and Flower LOVER!!

    My husband and I have a backyard garden that grows enough produce to offset our weekly grocery bill. 

    But it wasn’t always that way. The first few years we gardened the pest were out of control and we didn’t get to enjoy much. We were always six steps behind and could never catch up. 

    Until we learned the power of FLOWERS!!! One year I decided to add some cut flowers after seeing my aunt’s beautiful cut flowers.  

    That season we had hundreds of flowers for our kitchen table BUT we also saw a change in our garden.  We had more beneficial bugs and fewer pests. We had more wildlife but our harvest wasn’t getting eaten. 

    We had less work and had our BIGGEST harvest yet!! 

    You can do this too!! I would love to help. 



    A $50 value!

    I loved this course! I found it incredibly helpful for a beginning gardener, easy to use, practical, beautifully designed, and not too much information to feel like you’re drowning like some garden courses/books.

    -Jullian V.-

    Module 1 – Why Butterflies

    Module 2– Providing a Place to Live

    Module 3– Providing Food to Eat

    Module 4– Meet the Butterflies & Pollinators

    Module 5– Creating & Growing a Butterfly Garden

    EXTRAS– Garden Layouts

    List of Annuals & Perennials to plant for Pollinators

    Links to exactly what we use in our Garden

    AND MORE!!!

    Pre Order

    ALL FOR $14.99!

    Will be released in May 2022!

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